• Set a limit on the time and money you are prepared to spend – and stick to it!

  • Only spend what you can afford to lose – leave bank cards and credit cards at home.

  • Do not use money intended for everyday expenses.

  • Do not borrow money to play games of chance.

  • Understand how gambling works. Get to know the facts and learn more about the games you play by visiting

  • Play for fun. After all, gambling is a form of entertainment, not a way to make money!

  • Know the cost of play. You should hope to win but expect to lose money over time.

  • Be aware of the risks. Gambling losses are the cost of entertainment, therefore do not chase them. Surround yourself with friends who will support your healthy choices.

  • Keep balance in your life – participate in a variety of leisure activities.

To understand more about gambling...

  • Know how gambling works: visit

  • Understand how psychology applies to gambling.

  • Know the risks associated with gambling.

  • Know the signs of problem gambling.

  • Know your limits.